Joni Kukkohovi

I'm a Helsinki-based creative director, internationally recognized for my creative work. I bring a wealth of experience to my projects, specializing in graphic design, package design, branding, 3D visualization, and web design.

I blend innovative concepts with practical execution. My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of brand identity and messaging, ensuring each project not only captivates but also communicates effectively. With a history of transforming ideas into impactful realities, I am committed to collaborating with clients to create visually stunning and strategically sound designs.

While I continue to work on freelance projects, I'm also open to exploring new job opportunities that challenge and expand my creative horizons. For a broader view of my professional journey and the innovative work I've done , I invite you to visit my portfolio at

Beyond my design and creative direction work, I am also an experienced presenter and lecturer on topics such as advertising, branding, and creativity. I am always eager to collaborate as a speaker, sharing insights and engaging in discussions on these subjects. Whether it's conferences, workshops, or educational sessions, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to every speaking engagement.

You can reach me at:
+358 40 7448554